Our Programs

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

In our infant room a daily sheet is filled out throughout the day to let the parents know how their child's day was, diaper changes, feedings, and nap times.  All infants will be on the schedule that you have that at home.  DIfferent activities are planned according to the child's developmental stage.  



In our toddler room a daily sheet is filled out throughout the day to let the parents know how their chidl's day was, diaper changes, feedings, and nap time.  Once the child turns one they will be on a schedule along with the other children that are in the toddler room.  The toddlers will take one nap from 12:00-2:30p.m.  The children will be eating all table food and they will be sitting at a table together to eat their meals and snakcs.  They will also have a more structured schedule that will include: art, outside play, and small and large muscle activities.  


Two Year Olds

In our two year old room we work a lot with the children on building vocabulary and working on self help skills.  We encourage the children to use their words instead of actions to get what they want.  We also encourage the children to explore their environment.  The children are encouraged to share with each other.  In the two year old room the teacher's will introduce grouoptime to the children.  This will include: calender, weather, saying first and last name, mom and dad's name, if they are a boy or a girl, colors, and shapes.  The children have a daily sheet in the two year old room but it is not as detailed as the infant and toddler daily sheets.  




3- 5 Year Old Preschool Class
​Preschoolers are expanding and enhancing their social skill which helps prepare them for kindergarten.  This program will help them to learn readiness skills as it encourages creative expression.  Our program provides your child with challenges and encouragement.  We feel your child needs to continue to have input on their daily activities and their learning experiences.  By having decision making opportunities and discussing what they want to learn, your child will foster self confidence and accomplish a sense of creativity.  Weekly topics will enhance there learn capability.  We also do grouptime, art, outside play, and small and large muscle activities.  Every room has a lesson plan that is followed on a weekly basis.  

School age 

Little Hearts Day Care Inc. offers a before and after school program.  During the summer months a school age program is also offered. 


Before school the children will be offered breakfast, however, they need to be here before 7:20 in order to receive breakfast before school. They will also have free time to choose activities such as puzzles, board games, art activities, card games, etc.  The children will then be transported to school by the day care van or (those who are eligible) by bus. For those eliigible to take the bus they will be escorted to the disignated bus stop by a staff member.


After school the children will be brought back to the center in the same manner as they had left.  A snack will be provided.  The children will then be encouraged to go outside with weather permitting.  After awhile they will be brought back into the center for quiet activities until their parent(s) arrive.






Little Hearts Day Care does not include religious instruction or practices in our daily activities. We celebrate the following occasions: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and each child’s birthday