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Little Hearts Day Care Inc. is committed to providing a nurturing, stimulating, and safe environment for children.  Our center encourages the child’s intellectual, physical and social-emotional development.  We believe each child is unique and has a natural curiosity to learn about her/his environment.  Our staff speaks with the children on their level and treats all children as equals.  We work with them to help them learn and grow at their own pace.

Here our mission is to provide the best possible care at a competitive price.  Since we have not raised our rates for the past two years we feel it necessary to do so at this time.  We continuously monitor our staff and adjust their wages according to their performance.  Keeping a good quality teaching staff for your children is our priority.  Our goal is to keep a stable environment with familiar faces, to do this we must keep pace with our staff wages.

All children are arranged in age appropriate classrooms.  Starting with the two-year-old room, children are in a pre-school structure in the morning. 


Each room provides children to play with trucks, blocks, dramatic play, puzzles, books, fine motor activities, gross motor activities and many more new daily experiences.  Rooms have at least two or more of each toy or similar toy.  The children are encouraged by the teachers to share and play nicely with the toys.  This helps the children to understand guidelines and promotes positive behavior.


Licensing rules for Group Child Care centers requires that all staff be rated with the Registry.  This program rates the education the staff have taken.  The rating range from 1 (Asstistant teacher in child care) to 17 ( Doctorate)  All our staff have been rated these rating levels are located on the staff page .   

 We also participate in the YoungStar program.  Levels are  1(star) - 5 (stars)

with (1 being not so good)


                                              We are a level 3






What is YoungStar?


    YoungStar is a program of the Department of Children and Families created to improve the quality of child care for Wisconsin children. YoungStar:

  • Evaluates and rates the quality of care given by child care providers

  • Helps parents choose the best child care for their kids

  • Supports providers with tools and training to deliver high quality early care

  • Sets a consistent standard for child care quality


See how YoungStar services are being delivered in your area by visiting the YoungStar Statistics at  http://dcf.wisconsin.gov/youngstar/

     Get Tips and Tools to improve your child care or school-age program on theYoungStar Provider Tips and Tools web page.