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From the desk of MS. SUE

       Yes, Little Hearts Day care is for Sale. We started this center in 1992 and I have been running it since then but, I am getting to the age of retiring and need to find a new proprietor for the center.  Since I have all boys in my family, none of them are interested in changing their careers.  The center will run as usual until a new management is found.   

      It is important that all medical cards (small ones) be updated with your current work number.  These cards are located in each room that your child is in.

       We have also being educated on Alcohol and Drug Awareness, the legal aspects of working with children.  Question is: “Do we send a child home with the parent who is under the influence?” “What are the legal laws for the state of WI.” 

         Also we are having the county Police inform us regularly  on the best way to handle a stranger danger situation, person entering the building.  We would like to be ready if (God forbid) the situation would arise.

        So, we are not just babysitters.  We are trying to be the best educator, guardian, loving, care provider, you could possibly want.


If you have any other concerns or issues you feel we need to look into further, let me know.


Thanks Ms. Sue